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it's flour shalling. wyatt cenac has more in this, his final report. >> reporter: in puerto rico the most popular television show is called superxlucido starring la comai and it's a a news program. in fact, this juggernaut gets 40% of the puerto rican audience and crushes most other major news networks in the state. though i traveled to san juan to learn their secret. >>> is it just me or is there a weird monster lady right there? >> no, she is a journalist. >> she's a journalist. >> yes, she is. this is like the famous. >> i came here to talk to puerto rico's most trusted journalist. >> yes, people get if yous from me. >> this is a puppet. >> it's a lady. >> i don't understand how your journalists. >> because we do investigations all the time. this is watt world will be within 50 years from now. >> men and foam women. >> that's right. >> we are the future of the world. >> all right, you know what, i'm out? i'm out, i'm out. >> hey, wyatt, thank you, good-bye. >> hey, wyatt. >> this had to be some sort of joke. so i decided to do something i hadn't done prior to flying all the wa
. 'tis the season for gifts. abc2 is a proud sponsor of the kindertime toy drive. >> wyatt everhart is collecting giflts in the lobby, one of the many locations you can drop off gifts. >> i consider myself chief toy collector. i've got my good friend squiggle. lisa hinkle, you're the director of operations, squiggle's manager as well. talk about your involvement. this is year number two. >> we are so excited to be involved with pete and the toy drive. it really gives us a chance to be very active. we do more than collect toys. we show those children how we can support other children. we include it as part of our curriculum. we feel like we have a wide reach. it's not just our children and sell le brie family but everybody in the community. >> you have 20 locations and people can find them. >> we're in harford county, baltimore county, prince george's county, even as far as bear, delaware. if you're looking to give a toy, we have a location. >> we appreciate your involvement again this year. i know you're excited as well. you can give us a nod. look at squiggle bag. this is not stuff
too ba.d as wyatt and mike have been talking about, we'll keep our eye on saturday and another impending storm that could make travel even worse. for now, i'm joce sterman reporting. >> you can track the conditions anytime at abc2news.com or download our weather app. we are not the only ones getting hit with this. we have the latest on the storm's track. >> reporter: snowplows tried to fight back in indiana today with almost eight inches on the ground in indianapolis for a blizzard that is expected took the worst to hit there in four years. whiteout conditions here have travelers sleeping at the airport while snow piles up on the runway. dallas more than 1,000 tried to switch flights to no avail. american airlines canceled hundreds of flights. much of the south is still reeling today after more than 33 tornadoes ripped through states ranging from texas to mississippi. in mobile, alabama, a twister left things scattered. mobile's murphy high school took a toll. >> to see all this, it's depressing. >> reporter: in oklahoma city five people decide in a house -- died in a house fir
december is back again. we will fine out if the chill will be with us over nice. what do you think, wyatt? >> i'm looking at the possibility of a cold night. temperatures are only in the mid 40s today. now we are in the mid 30s out there. millersville reporting 30. 29 in wedgewood. so yes, a very cold december night. unsettled weather is to the west. now this boundary along with some mild air trying to edge in over the weekend means unsettled weather. the risk of hitting the showers starting tomorrow into the morning hours, a cold start, then the chance for showers in the afternoon. we will talk about how things will change by sunday and there are several changes through the weekend coming up. >> all right wyatt. we take you to hartford county. we have a student who got hurt wrestling at paterson high school. the boy was wrestling when he hurt his spine. he is 16 and in serious condition tonight. >>> a student is charged with bringing a gun to a high school. octavio was arrest. a resource officer found it in the boy's backpack. they didn't find any am in addition. he is 17-year-olds old
. >> wind gusts. >> look for that tomorrow also. thanks, wyatt. >>> this is the time of the year most of us take stock and think about the year as it comes to an end. sit back and enjoy a glimpse of the year. >> reporter: catchy dance tunes, celebrity breakups and the tragic death of a singing icon, just a few of the things that had people talking. here's a look at cnn's to 10 news stories from 2012. the song was almost inches scapable. carly rae jepsen's viral sensation. it earned her two grammys and countless reenactments online including this one posted by the u.s. olympic swim team. the force is now strong with disney. in a move that caught many by surprise, the star wars franchise creator george lucas sold his film for more than $4 billion. what's more, disney announced plans for three more star wars films. it's the superstar relation that has hollywood asking are they or aren't they? chris brown who then beat his girlfriend in 2009 said he has renewed his friendship. but are they more then just friends? >> they want to keep everyone guessing. they don't want to explain to anyone in th
for the first day of 2013. >> wyatt's got to earn his paycheck with all these storms. >> we'll see in that stops. >> thanks, wyatt. >>> well, we've all done it before, made a resolution for the new year only to abandon it in january. resolution can be hard to keep but they don't have to be. the key is to pick something reasonable. for example, choose a goal of exercising a little more in 2013. don't vow to run a marathon or something crazy. if the change is too uncomfortable, you'll have a lower chance of success. >> we've got to select something that's small enough to make a difference but not so big it's going to crush us. we have to become dedicated and have a willingness to experience discomfort. when we change habits, it's always uncomfortable. >> if you're trying to improve your diet in 2013, experts say you should start small. >> coming up, tonight's episode will be omazing. >> find out how to stay in shape at 7:00 on the list. >> here's what's coming up tonight on abc2. >>> change weather tonight. as we work into the overnight hours, this is what's coming our way and looking at a couple
. >> i'm meteorologist wyatt everhart. a few clouds edging in. dry tonight but here's what's coming our way saturday. the latest on yet another approaching storm coming up. >>> we get hit with them every time we go to the atm but banks have to pay them too banks racked up $10 billion in fines. half of them were paid because of improper mortgage practices. the total also includes more than a billion and a half that ubs and bartlys had to pay. >>> amazon was once again ranked the best online site for holiday shopping. the online retailer was ranked at the top because of the wide variety of merchandise this offers. amazon said 2012 was its biggest holiday ever with 26 million ordered on within day. >>> those looking for bubbly have made a switch. perseco is fast replacing champagne as the party fizz of choice. the biggest retailer in the united kingdom said sales nearly doubled in 2012. >>> well, cold weather is no friend to your skin but we're helping you battle back. what products you can help beat dull and dry skin. >> and when they take the field, having the coats will be a big change.
for them and for their staff. >> over to christina and then back to wyatt, greg first and then back to wyatt. >> christina peterson with dow jones. looking over the past year or several years, how would you evaluate the fed's accuracy in making economic forecasts, and how does that affect the ability to make monetary policy decisions, especially as it's connected to the thresholds? >> well, i think it's fair to say that we have overestimated the pace of growth, total output growth, gdp growth from the beginning of the recovery, and we have, therefore, to continue to scale down our -- our estimates of output growth, but interestingly at the same time we have been more accurate, not perfectly accurate by any means, but we've been somewhat more accurate in forecasting unemployment, and how do you reconcile those two things? i talked about this in remarks i gave at the new york economic club recently right before thanksgiving, and i think the reconciliation is that what we're learning is that at least temporarily the financial crisis may have reduced somewhat the underlying potential gr
good evening. i'm christian schaffer. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> december, right, the tail end of it, we'll call it seasonably cold. under the clouds, clouds not going anywhere but there's no precipitation. we stay dry the rest of this even -- this new year's eve. 38 in columbia. powellsville is colder at 35. westminster at 34, very light winds. cloudy, dry and chilly. overnight 35 or so as we hit the stroke of midnight. we'll talk about how things change, though, as we go into the first day of 2013. >>> with dry weather on tap at least at the stroke of midnight, the inner harbor will be struck with ref earliers -- revelers. we go live downtown. hi, rosie. >> reporter: as wyatt just said, it's going to be a dry night, cold night. that's a good night for booms and birds. there's a new sponsor for the fireworks. it is the baltimore orioles. the orioles want to thank the fans for their big support last season, spot sky will not only be lit up in red, white and blue but orange and wheat-- white. although there's no exact total on the number of people, let's say
. there is a lot at stake. so we asked wyatt andrews to make sense of how these budget plans compare. wyatt? >> reporter: scott, this republican counterproposal today is long on reducing the deficit and saving big on medicare, but it leaves the two sides still hundreds of billions of dollars apart and they are not close on the basic approach to solve the fiscal cliff. in a letter to the president, house republicans called their offer a fair middle ground. it's a ten-year framework that cuts the deficit by $2.2 trillion. it includes $600 billion in health care cuts-- mostly medicare and medicaid-- $300 billion in other mandatory spending and $300 billion in cuts to all other federal spending. by contrast, the president has proposed around $600 billion in cuts to all entitlements, including medicare and he'd reduce other federal spending by $100 billion a year. the president has also proposed spending $50 billion in new stimulus and republicans have refused to consider it. the biggest difference by far is in how to raise new revenues. republicans would raise $800 billion by reducing tax looph
in the nation? wyatt andrews takes us to a community on hard times now riding high. >> one, two, three. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. whether the u.s. enters the war in syria appears to be up to the dictator bashar al-assad. on monday, david martin reported orte the assad regime had given orders to prepare chemical weapons for possible use to put down the revolt that has been raging in that country for more than a year and a half. oesident obama said the use of these weapons of mass bestruction would be totally unacceptable. well, tonight, david has new intelligence to report, and we have three stories on the breaking news in syria. we'll start with martin at the pentagon. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence so far has not detected any emgns syria is loading chemical weapons on to aircraft, but defense secretary panetta said it appears the embattled assad regime is preparing to do just that. >> there is no question that we remain very concerned, very thecerned that as the opposition advances, in particular on hemascus,
>> tonight, at the bring. senate leaders try to craft a compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff. wyatt andrews is on capitol hill. what happens if there's no deal? john bentley has the fallout at the airport. >> they're putting a bunch of huge and ugly potholes on a road that was supposedly going to get us to economic recovery. >> the northeast gets walloped by another winter storm. and in the west, wet weather rewrites the forecast in california. and meet the burrito boys, ben tracey introduces us to 17 -- seven teams who embody the spirit of the zone. >> they have nothing and we ask for so much, and they ask for so little. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> good evening. jim axelrod is off tonight. i'm rebecca jarvis. with just two days left, senate leaders are still struggling to put together a last minute bp deal ahead of monday's midnight deadline for the fiscal cliff. failure could kick the country back into a recession. wyatt andrews is on capitol hill. >> reporter: today the halls of the senate were almost empty, as proposals got traded in private an
'm meteorologist wyatt everhart. an ugly day of winter weather and cold rain, but a new storm is beginning to brew to the south and the west. we'll talk about what that could mean for your neighborhood after the break. >>> efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff will get underway tomorrow. president obama spent the day in hawaii thanking the troops for their service. time is running out and so far, lawmakers have struggled to find a compromise. >> then they say go back to the table, not your own table, but the table in washington because middle class people shouldn't have their income go up an average of $2,000 a year. >> some experts say a smaller simpler deal that delays the toughest issues could get us over the fiscal cliff gently. >>> starbucks is taking a stand on the fiscal cliff. the chain's ceo is asking stores to write "come together" on the coffee cups they sell tomorrow. starbucks says workers are not required to write the message though. >>> there is a positive sign for the economy that housing is rebounding. home prices were up more than 4% in october compared to a year ago. that's the bigg
for highs. >> no snow in the forecast? . >> again, not much. . >> all right thanks wyatt. it's a busy week for students at the yurt of -- university of maryland of social work but students are actually sending their similar thinks to sympathies to sandy hook. today the event was supposed to give students a break from studying but it's ou r a -- also allowing them to show the victims and their families they care. >> we're creating a banner and giving people a chance to sign that banner and we have paper where people can create individual cards and we'll send them to those phones up there. it's a -- folks up there. >> time is running out for you to help make christmas brighter for local children. there's twodays left to donate to toy drive. bring new, unwrapped toys to any learning center or to our station. for a full list o off drop off locations head to abc2news.com/toy drive. . >> tonight coming up after world news, make sure you stay with abc2 news for an all new episodes of the list. . >> we're going behind the scenes and under is sea with our friends at the national aquarium.
for a cloild in need. you have quite a cast of characters with you, wyatt? >> it's kindertime again. anna is with the honey go village center in perry hall. there are many shops and vendors there. >> we're very excited to be involved with the toy drive. we have a bunch of merchants who are collecting toys this year. those who are accepting toys will be marked. >> a great place for people to come by and drop off their toy. now, sue, talk about how you're getting involved? >> our office was looking for something to do to contribute to a needy family this year. then i got an email from john that they're being involved in the toy dry. i thought what a great thing to do. we put a box in my office. i'm with home selling assistance realty. we have a box there. you can come by and bring an up wrapped toy. i'm real happy to be apart of it. >> at abc2 we're excited to have all of you involved. there's the information on the screen. you can also go to web been -- abc2news.com/toy drive. 14 years we have been doing this. so happy to have you involved. let's do it. let's fill the lobby up. let's fill
] what you sell brat. just enjoy yourselves and i very much want to thank wyatt cenac for all the years of great work. (cheers and applause) >> jon: we're going to miss him. in fact, here it is, your moment of cenac. >> beard troubles. >> sure, beard brothers ♪ it's the hardest thing there is to say ♪ ♪ good-bye ♪ good-bye ♪ captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh access.wgbh.org captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) stephen, stephen, stephen! >> thank you, thank you ladies and gentlemen. i got to tell you. that is so beautiful. that is so beautiful. i will take that sound. i will take that sound over jingle bells any day. nation, tonight is my last episode before three weeks off. but i'm not looking ahead to the break. i've already started. (cheers and applause) >> that is not a prop. whooo! >> there are still some important stories to talk about there, folks. like last night's megaconcert to help the victims of hurricane sandy. >> all eyes were on new york city last night for the 12-12-12
tonight. wyatt? >> reporter: scott, leading republicans are now calling the president's latest fiscal cliff proposals-- and these are quotes-- "unreasonable, not serious even ludicrous." on the negotiations that are necessary to avoid the cliff, here's how house speaker john boehner described the status there. >> no, there's a stalemate. let's not kid ourselves. i'm not trying to make this more difficult. >> reporter: what set off this reaction was the president's proposal for $1.6 trillion in new taxes over ten years with tst of that coming from a tax hike on single americans making hire than $200,000 and married couples filing jointly making $250,000. boehner has hinted that republicans might raise half of that, $800 billion, but only by reducing tax loopholes. >> getting rid of special interest deductions and not raising rates we think is better for the economy, pure and ecole. >> reporter: there is also a gap on spending cuts. yemocrats say they've already agreed to cut one trillion dollars from future spending, republicans, including majority leader eric cantor, responded with th
is finding strength from its local football team. as wyatt andrews reports, the team is beating the odds and lifting the community. >> reporter: clarendon, pennsylvania is a proud steel mill town, but more than 10,000 jobs have been lost over decades, poverty has doubled the national average and most of downtown is boarded up. the one public school is so small the state might have closed it by now except for one extraordinary thing. the clarendon bears high school football team. this weekend the bears are in the playoffs to win a fourth straight state championship and their winning streak of 61 games is the best in america. >> we're making history, we're making a name for ourselves. >> reporter: one of the team's stars, tarish webb says the secret is the team's seniors. they've played together since they were 6 years old in midget football and grew up determined to win for themselves and for the town. >> if we lose that's actually letting them down so we owe to it the town. >> somebody might be inclined to ask you hey, son, it's just football. >> i think it's more than football. this foo
. that attack forced police to rethink their response to school shootings. and we asked wyatt andrews to tell us how those police tactics have changed. >> reporter: when the police first arrived at the sandy hook school, their standing orders were, without hesitation, to go straight inside and confront the gunman. connecticut state police lieutenant paul vance. >> newtown police immediately upon arrival entered the school and began a complete active shooter search of the building. that included checking every door, every crack, sr *ef visio, every portion of that school. >> reporter: that phrase begin active search means do not wait. it's a reaction to the columbine massacre 13 years ago when dozens of officers waited 46 minutes outside as the shooting continued and at least one victim bled to death. captain drew tracey, then with the montgomery county police in maryland, was incensed by columbine and helped invent the active shooter tactics used today. >> we have to go where we hear the sounds of shoots, we have to go where the broken glass is, where we see the casings on the ground, but we nee
leaders to make mugh choices right now. here's wyatt andrews. he andreporter: professor kerri mowen, like hundreds of medical kerearchers, has already fallen off the fiscal cliff. her budget-- which relies on of federal grants-- is being cut by - % now as the n.i.h.-- the national institutes of health-- prepares for the possibility of utes of hes later. >> it's much bigger than just my lab. it's affecting all academic labs across this country. >> reporter: mowen, who studies rheumatoid arthritis at the scripps research institute in california, understands the n.i.h. decision but calls it a t aback. >> my lab will have to shut down t dearch projects that we know could have profound impacts on curing human disease. we may have to get rid of some staff members. >> reporter: the n.i.h. tells us >> secause of uncertainty in the budget awards at 90% of what was promised to researchers will be lhe standard at least for now. and the threat of a $2.5 billion cut has raised alarms. at johns hopkins university, dr. stephan desiderio is under pressure to reduce the experiments he designs in mice in h
the country back into a recession. wyatt andrews is on capitol hill. >> reporter: today the halls of the senate were almost empty, as proposals got traded in private and over the phone. senate minority leader much mcconnell tried to sound upbeat. going to get a deal today sir? >> hope. so. >> reporter: house speaker boehner came to the capitol but left without comment. issue number one in the talks is amending the bush era tax cuts, which if unchanged will expire and raise taxes on all americans. starting tuesday, the average tax hike will be three to 5% per person. >> let's keep taxes exactly where they are on the first $250,000 of everybody's income. >> reporter: the president campaigned to increase taxes only on families making more than $250,000 per year. almost two weeks ago, the president offered a compromise to raise taxes only on income above 400,000, hoping that might win republican support. >> i have gone at least halfway. >> reporter: the senate is also negotiating an extension of unemployment benefits for some 2 million jobless americans, without a deal those checks wi
football teams. but just outside pittsburgh, there's a team that's rallying around its town. wyatt andrews tells us one way or another, they're both winning. >> reporter: clairton, pennsylvania, is a proud steel mill town but more than 10,000 jobs have been lost over decades. poverty is double the national average. and most of downtown is boarded up. the one public school is so small, the state might have closed it by now except for one extraordinary thing. the clairton bears high school football team. this weekend, the bears are in the play-offs to win a fourth straight state championship and their winning streak of 61 games is the best in america. >> we're making history. we're making a name for ourselves. >> reporter: one of the team's stars, 17-year-old terrish webb says the secret is the team's seniors. they've played together since they were six years old in midget football and grew up determined to win for themselves and for the town. >> if we lose that's actually letting them down so we owe it to the town to win. >> reporter: somebody might be inclined to ask you "hey, son it's jus
and the temple game will be on cbs. temple beating syracuse today. khalif wyatt off the charts with 33. >> clark: i think he went for 33. >> tim: denying boeheim has 903rd win. craft well defended, nothing easy and the free throw show continues with 61 sektdz left after the foul by amir -- 61 seconds left after the foul by amir williams, his fourth, this is a big ten conference that is easily the best in the country, don't you think? without a doubt, it's got to be the best league in america. >> clark: on paper it looks that way. i don't see any reason why that would change as we get into january, you look at illinois, michigan indiana michigan state, iowa a cruisible going through that frns can. >> tim: name a league that has three point guards playing better than burke, craft or paul of illinois. you can't go too deep into any conference to find better point guards. >> clark: you really can't. >> tim: scott almost stripped by releford. smith from downtown. craft from downtown. he rams it home. an eight-point game. 44 ticks left. sales are at an all-
schedule they have, and the temple game will be on cbs. temple beating syracuse today. khalif wyatt off the charts with 33. >> clark: i think he went for 33. >> tim: denying boeheim has 903rd win. craft well defended, nothing easy and the free throw show continues with 61 sektdz left after the foul by amir -- 61 seconds left after the foul by amir williams, his fourth, this is a big ten conference that is easily the best in the country, don't you think? without a doubt, it's got to be the best league in america. >> clark: on paper it looks that way. i don't see any reason why that would change as we get into january, you look at illinois, michigan, indiana, michigan state, iowa, a cruisible going through that frns can. >> tim: name a league that has three point guards playing better than burke, craft or paul of illinois. you can't go too deep into any conference to find better point guards. >> clark: you really can't. >> tim: scott almost stripped by releford. smith from downtown. craft from downtown. he rams it home. an eight-point game. 44 ticks left. sales are at an all-time low! but
what he will bringgto others. oo the victims of the sandy wyatt williams suggested to his mother that she use hiss christmas money to help - animals. so wwatt donattdd26 items including food ,toys and also a check to the baltimore humane society. -3 3 "i couldn't believe that my son came up wwth this and that he was doing something that wwuld always be remembbred and it was ssmething very pecial &pit was the 6 random acts of 3 mooent that one day these animals wre family and they were beinn remmmbered." remmmbered." wyatt - pays even though they'll be no toys for im under the tree....just hnging ut with his family is enough. 3 a normal day at a & dollar general turns frightening for ne wisconsin mom. and it's all cauggt on & camera. "right here is when i kiid oo started toosee the cart mooing - and then i reallzed there waa a child and right about here." pere." a mother shopping cart only tt ffnd the cart sooonrollinn out of the parkinn llt and nto oncoming traffic. &pthat's when an officer s
are here now. wyatt is in the storm center with a look at your first forecast. >> before we get to saturday we have to deal with the wind president the wind advisory has finally been dropped. basically no warning up but we have high winds out of the northwest. 15 to 20, gusting to 36 top of the hour. still i gusty evening. if you have to put out the trash tonight going maybe wait until later. winds will keep dying down this evening. partly cloudy through the day. dry weather, in fact no precipitation in the area on maryland's most powerful radar. we are dry the rest of the evening but cloudy. things will star
looks like a bigger storm may be headed toward us this weekend. let's check in with wyatt. >> reporter: yeah. saturday's storm very interesting. this last storm sometime impacting us with the wind. high winds through the day. wind advisory canceled in the last hour. you can see the wind still up gusting to 23 to 25 miles an hour. again another windy night. wind chill factor cold as a result. look at the gusts, peak gusts 50 -- tree damage from that. this storm continues to move away to the north. winds will diminish in a new storm. coming in from texas. the impact that has the timing it's coming up. >> breaking news in the case of a missing baltimore county teen. her picture spread like wildfire on social media. now her 23-year-old boyfriend has been arrested and she is home with her family. >> reporter: she was supposed to do last minute christmas shopping a friend on saturday but when she didn't come home her family sounded the alarm and today as we sat down with her mom the phone rang with the news they have been waiting for. >> i just want her here. >> reporter: the
those di tails coming up. >> thanks wyatt everhart. that wind is already causing problems. we checked with people in towson. no street lights or home lights. we are seeing power outages. we have watched bge's power outage numbers. 1800 people are in the dark right no. not too bad. most in hartford and baltimore counties. as we brace for high wind, the highway administration is warning people to stay off the road until morning because they would freeze overnight. but driving here shh nothing compared to the midwest. record snow on the ground tonight in the midwest. these pictures are from indiana. airports being caused problems. the same storm system is showing tornadoes in the south. it is those storms impacting us. lots of problems here at the baltimore washington thurgood international airport. cleveland, denver. canceled, delayed. we have the latest traffic delays and travel delays. log onto abc2news.com/traffic. >>> well, they each loaned hiss company thousands of dollars, but now former friends of a baltimore sales man are fighting him in co . they say they fronted huge amounts
't doing yoga wyatt is continuingo track a winter storm. the full forecast and more on the news at six which starts right now. >> you're watching the station that works for you. now, abc 2news at six. >> my daughter is -- just want her home. >> a mom of a missing baltimore teen. she gets news she has waited to hear for five-days. >>> and a man severely beaten on christmas. why his family believes the attack was a hate crime. >>> and time is running out to apply for a tax credit that could be used, that used to be automatic. what to do to make sure that you don't miss out on free cash. >>> first it snowed twic
but the sen should hang out for the weekend for the ravens game. . >> thanks wyatt. some areahigh school students are learning firsthand what it's like to maneuver in a courtroom. it's part/school court tv. students are learn communication and critical thinking skills. sherrie johnson was in the courtroom. >> it's saturday morning -- morning, class is in session. it's lights, cameras, make up, action. court is now in session. it's part of school court tv, a mock trial television show and students are the stars. this program teaches students better leadership, communication and critical thinking skills. >> we're teaching kids to think outside the box. >> in today's case, students are going head to head and it's all on camera. >> an eight-year old collided with a nine-year old and my role is to prove there was no negligence in this case. >> the students research cases, come up with opening and closing arguments i thought it would real lly bring me out of my comfort zone and get me thinking on my feet. >> this is a lot of fun. we'velearned about projecting our voices. kind of prepari
straight ahead thanks wyatt. . >> skies had a tough night for travel. southwest diverted 14 planes headed to baltimore to nor folk virginia. the airlinemade arrangements to bus the passengers to baltimore. >> on a day when parents are nervous about sendsing a-their kids off, someone had the nerve to walk into a city school with a knife. cheryl starts our coverage with that story. >> that school visitor is now in jail. parents at the national academy foundation shuttered at seeing news crews. they are talking and so is the police chief about preventing another shooting. iqúan incidentinside a city school. this timeinvolving a knife. >> i'm speechless right now. >> it seemed to start off friendly. a visitor brought a birthday cake and balloons the a relative but skirted past the front office. then a fight broke autowith an officer worker and the visitor showed a knife. tracey mcdaniel learned about the fight at the end of the day on a day when parents are on edge. in surrounding counties, police officers stood at schoolings. it's just one step following a shooting at sandy hook element
yourself extra time. >> wyatt, the thank you. thetragedy in connecticut is a difficult subject. >> and we're going to hear from an expert on how to talk to your kids and how to keep them from worrying too much. >> and we know it's important for our kids to get their vitamin d but how many glass offense milk should your children drink a day, find out when we return. . >> we are joined by dr. sharon steven. she joins us and she's originally from where? . >> connecticut, just 20 miles from nowtown. >> and you have young children. >> i do, one of whom is six dwl how young is two young to grasp -- i know as adults we can't grasp it but how young is too young. >> it's a question we've heard a lot today. i think the age is not the deciding factor. it'smore about how much exposure you think they might have. it'sconceivable that very young children might not have exposure to either media coverage or sense something is wrong with you. >> they read you. >> they do. >> exposure could be both ways. either they're going get it from the media or they'll see that mom, other dad, other adults are
. wyatt everhart has been monitoring the situation for days now. when do we expect the snowfall to hit because a lot of people are trying to plan their day. >> expect to wake up to the beginning of the this storm. snow showers just before dawn. most of us start with snow, and then the changeover and then it will move somewhat north. this is going to be throughout the day on saturday. it includes all of our northern count aies. hartford -- counties. hartford down through howard. not to say that areas across to kent island. you will get a few hours of snow in the morning, an inch or two of slush. temperatures now depends where you're looking at. we're below freezing in york. the freeze line will shift south overnight tonight. the storm is already moving to garret county, but the main storm is still well to the west arriving in earnest through the morning hours. so snow showers by dawn increasing and picking up in intensity mid morning tomorrow. we're talking about a broad 1-3- inch raid across most of the baltimore region. we'll talk about this more and show you the detailed map straight
this afternoon and the wind started picking up. >> how cold will it get, let's check in with wyatt everhart for a look at that. >> the temperature is going to drop tonight but it will be much colder by the tail end of the week. first, tonight, clear skies, just a few passing clouds. winds are gusting at 10 to 15 and higher. if you have trash collection many the morning, maybe put it out early in the morning and not tonight. hour by hour overnight we're clearing, still breezy and colder as we drop through the 30s. a crisp start above freezing in the morning. we'lltalk about the later week in a might be. >> out of laurel, a high school student has been arrested for making what's being called a credible threat. >> laurel police confirmed there was a threat at a high school. they're not confirming which one. they're saying a student claimed to have weapons and said they were going to hurt students. the student has been committed to a hospital for an emergency evaluation. they saythis is a classic situation, see something, take action. we'retrying to get more information and we'll bring it to
cold snap is on the way. >> thanks wyatt. we've beentalking about the fiscal cliff but to you really know how it can impact your life. >> tonight, abc2 news is working for you with four tax credits that could expire and that's going to greatly impakts your family's budget. >> plus ladies, we know men seem to lose weight so much faster, tonight we'll tell you how we can get around it. >> i'm more worried about this, insfa gram may be able to sell your pictures. what you need to do to protect your pictures. . >> lady, i know you've thought about this, have you ever wondered why it seemed so much easier for the guys to drop those pounds? linda tells us what scientists have uncovered that could explain why women collect more stubborn belly fat. >> to get into shape, tammy and chris started working out together months ago. they'veboth managed to drop some weight but tammy says it's a-harder for her than him. >> i have to work extremely hard. >> it's a frustrating reality for women, as they get older, it gets harder to lose weight around especially around the mid section. now resear
with it but it's starting to go away. here's meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> the gloom has been holding tough all weekend. few we see a little light at the end of the tunnel because a frontal boundary is sparking showers. that likely to be -- provide some clearing by tomorrow afternoon. also going to bring in colder air. decent line of showers that will be coming through. the evening just overcast and gloomy but, again, the chance for rain going up into the early part of the day. much more on that straight ahead. >> it has been a deadly few weeks in anne arundel, whether you're driving the roads or trying to cross the street. because of that anne arundel police are trying to make the streets safer. abc2's don harrison has more and details on another pedestrian death. >> reporter: last night a man lost his life on this stretch of highway. glen burnie resident james mon shore was struck and killed while walking along the highway. he was hit on the boulevard exit coming off of route 60 east ahead heading into -- heading into annapolis. the driver did stop and the initial report showed pedestrian
not be the same case tomorrow. more details straight ahead. >>> a beautiful day. very chilly. wyatt's got a complete look at the forecast coming up. >>> we bring you the story of different students who are excelling. this week it's a whole team. championship banners, but this volleyball team is pretty good. >> we love it. >> volleyball at the harford school. >> we love this. working as a team. >> they're taking care of special people. >> colonel sanders did chicken, i want to do this. >> she can't thank this team enough. >> she's growing. she's making friends, calling people on the weekends, have friends over. na's not something we've -- that's not something we've seen pretty much ever. >> here it's a chance of a lifetime. >> here, they come front and center. >> so what if the ball drops in front of them or they swing and miss. >> every serve that doesn't go over the net, it doesn't matter. >> a grandma who made the uniforms. you can't just by cheerleading outfits off the rack. >> on three, we're going to call harbor. one, two, three -- harbor! >> what's your record? >> i believe it's 3-6
. >>> the dreaded fiscal cliff can potentially affect a wide range of health programs. >> cbs news' wyatt andrews explains. >> reporter: professor mallen like hundreds of medical researchers has already fallen off the fiscal cliff. her budget which relies on federal grants is being cut by 10% now. as the nih, the national institutes of health, prepares for the possibility of budget cuts later. >> it's as much bigger than just my lab. it's affecting all-academic labs across the country. >> reporter: mallen understands the nih decision but calls it a setback. >> my lab will have to shut down research projects that we know would -- could have profound impacts on curing human disease. we may have to get rid of some staff members. >> reporter: the nih tells us because of uncertainty in the budget awards at 90% of what was perhapsed to researchers -- promised to researchers will be the standard at least for now and the threat of the cut raised alarms. >> some of the cuts -- >> reporter: at johns hopkins the doctor is under pressure to reduce the experiments he designed in mice in search for a cure for
. wyatt tell andrews has the breaking news. elizabeth palmer with a family under fire. >> reportet'
. and here's wyatt andrews. >> reporter: the announcement means the cost of borrowing will e ay near zero until the economy creates at least one million jobs. ategyhairman ben bernanke said the employment target is a better signal to investors and the public of just how long interest rates will stay low. >> a strategy that we believe ill help support household and business confidence and spending. >> reporter: to control interest rates, the fed plans to buy $85 eellion worth of bonds every ownth, $45 billion in treasury bills, $40 billion worth of hinggage bonds. the mortgage buying program has already driven rates to historic lows and driven up mortgage applications by 10%. but bernanke says the economy afeds more confidence now because of the uncertain fiscal cliff negotiations in unshington. and the harm from the fiscal cliff won't just happen in the enedre. bernanke said that's happening now. >> it's already affecting absiness investment and hiring decisions by creating uncertainty, or creating r:ssimism. ai saw what happened recently to consumer sentiment, which fell, tesumably in pa
and family said good-bye to four more children. 6-year-old catherine hubbard, allison wyatt, jesse lewis, and benjamin wheeler. >> there should be no reason for a coffin that small. >> reporter: teachers were also laid to rest. murphy was found shielding some of her students. during her service, roman catholic cardinal timothy dolan of new york, compared her sacrifices to jesus. family members of 6-year-old emilie parker launched lanterns for each of the victims at a memorial in ogden, utah, last night. >> there's no reason for us to be here tonight. >> reporter: the mother of the gunman, nancy lanza, was also remembered at a private service in new hampshire, attended by about 25 family members. attorney general eric holder visited newtown yesterday, to meet with first responders and investigators. many devastated mourners want the tragedy to lead to change. >> i hope the healing can begin for this community. it's going to be a long haul. changes have to be made. >> reporter: and a long line of grieving continues for the fifth-straight day. there will be more funerals today for two staff
as bright as her red hair. she'd recently been taking korseback riding lessons. six-year-old allison wyatt wanted to become an artist. .er artwork covered the family home. her make-believe art studio. the motorcades and funeral processions bring newtown to a standstill as the community honors the students and their teachers. at 52-year-old annie marie murphy's funeral, cardinal dolan praised her for make the ultimate sacrifice. 30-year-old lauren rosseau was also laid to rest. she had just been hired as a substitute teacher. minister pat kriss. >> my husband asked me last night, has this rocked your faith in god? and i said absolutely not, but it's done a few things about my faith in human beings. >> reporter: wbz, the cbs station in boston, is reporting that today, there was a memorial service for nancy lanza, the erooter's mother, in new hampshire. that's according to local police chief in kingston, new hampshire. >> pelley: seth, thank you very much. we're going to be hearing more about the inspiring principal of sandy hook elementary school heom the folks who knew her best. and a veter
-year-old allison wyatt wanted to become an artist. her artwork covered the family home. 52-year-old's anne murphy. 30-year-old lauren russeau was also laid to rest. she had just been hired as a substitute teacher. everywhere you drive around newtown, you see memorials growing or popping up. the local post office has received so many condolence letters, it had to find a separate location to hold all the mail. >>> gun sales spiking across the country tonight in the wake of the sandy hook tragedy. many bay area dealers telling us they can barely keep assault rifles on the shelves. people are buying them up. one of their best sellers, the ar-15 semiautomatic rifle, the same gun the sandy hook killer used. >> we've got a ton of new buyers, people that have never bought them before coming in to get one, because it may be their last chance to get one. >> federal background checks hit an all-time high last month, following president obama's reelection. >>> then there's the effort to get guns off the streets. it's going well in oakland so far. all week long, gun owners have been trading in their fire powe
. but it's very sad. >> reporter: catherine hubbard liked to ride horses and allison wyatt wanted to become an artist. >> my husband asked last night he says has this rocked your faith in god, and i said absolutely not, but it's done a few things about my faith in human beings. >> reporter: the outpouring of love for the families of victims has sparked something new in newtown. something emilie's family found out when they took her body home in ogden, utah. >> a lot of you don't know who she is. a lot of you never met her. >> reporter: robby parker, the father of 6-year-old victim emilie parker, tried to thank the hundreds who showed up for her memorial service. >> i'm so thankful everybody is here. i can't -- >> reporter: emilie parker will be buried at a private funeral service tomorrow. this official day of mourning extends beyond connecticut. states around the country are planning a moment of silence to remember the slain students and faculty. terrell? >> all right. marlie hall in newtown for us this morning. marl marley, thank you so much. >>> david keene, president of the national rif
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